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Area Rug Cleaning


Are you wondering why your rugs are never as spotless as you want them? Or do you fear that they're soon losing their color and aesthetic features? We'll tell you why and then help you afterward!

Keep Your Rugs Clean

Getting professional rug cleaning services is something every rug owner must do. First, rugs can quickly get damaged or lose their structure and aesthetic features when they're handled by non-professional rug cleaners (including your DIYs). Secondly, you sure spent your good money and time picking out the rugs in your home. Why then would you settle for rug cleaning services that are less than excellent?

Still not convinced about the need to hire the best rug cleaning company you can find? Well, you may not have realized this, but that rug that is nicely placed in your living room serves multiple functions in your home.

Why You Should Cherish Your Rugs

  • First, rugs help keep the air in your home relatively clean by trapping dust and allergens that may be floating around.
  • Secondly, its aesthetic value adds to your home décor, primarily when using an area rug that properly suits your interiors.
  • Compared to hardwood or tile floors, rugs play a vital role in keeping your rooms warm.
  • With rugs, your children and toddlers are safer: more minor slips and falls.
  • Rugs also add that extra layer of sound control in your rooms, sparing you the awkwardness of noisy steps and unwanted sounds moving between rooms.
  • Rugs treat your feet right. They are very comfortable and super soft to walk on.

So, Why Do You Need Professional Rug Cleaners?

If you've got your vacuum, brush, and an unvetted DIY rug cleaning method, why then do you need professional hands?

Rugs are delicate

Whether you use wool, silk, microfiber, cotton, or jute rugs, every rug is unique and must be treated in the manner appropriate for its material. DIY rug cleaning steps may help you get rid of dirt and allergens from your rug's surface. But they do not (and may never) be able to put each rug's unique fiber into consideration. They're literally all baking soda and liquid wash and water mixtures, and by the time you've realized it wasn't a good mix for your rug, it will be too late!

Only professional cleaners with proper and in-depth training can rightly recognize and treat your rugs according to their types. At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Arlington, we begin our rug cleaning by test running our cleaning method on a hidden portion of your rug. This way, we are 100% sure that we never go wrong with our cleaning techniques.

Your vacuum is not enough

Rugs trap dirt, dust, and allergens, but these trapped elements do not simply sit on the surface of the rug. When you step on your rug, you help these elements settle nicely and deeper in the rug, making them even harder for your vacuum to reach. It is even worse with rugs in high-traffic areas of your home.

At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Arlington, we use industry-standard techniques like hot water extraction, encapsulation, and dry cleaning to deep clean your rugs. These techniques require advanced equipment that is operated by experienced cleaners. They are the surest ways to keep your rug in good shape.

Professional rug cleaners know their way around stains

Your furry friends may, at some points, decide that your rug and not their potty should receive their urine. You may also have oil, tomato sauce, or mud stains stealing the beauty from your rugs. We know how to handle different stains. We have a unique cleaning method for every rug stain that brings new life back into your rugs.

Why Choose Us?

Indeed, you want the best for your rug. Why not opt for experienced rug cleaners like Hippo Carpet Cleaning Arlington? In addition to serving you based on your unique preferences (home or off-site cleaning), we work with friendly customer service and logistic units. You'll love us at first sight! If you have carpets, check out our carpet cleaning services too.

We work with experts who have been trained and licensed to recognize each rug's unique needs and treat them accordingly. So, whether you use an area rug, a Persian or fancy Oriental rug, our rug cleaning technicians will never disappoint. You'll never have to worry about damaged fibers when we clean your rug.

Finally, we use organic and environmentally-friendly solutions and cleaners to complete our services for your safety and that of our planet. We will never expose you and your family to the risk that accompanies the use of harsh, unfriendly cleaning chemicals.

Your Rug Will Be In The Best Hands

So if you're seeking out excellent rug cleaning service in Arlington, Texas, look no further. Your rug just got extra lucky because it will have the best cleaning in town.

Take action today. Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine!
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