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Mold is a visible plaque formed by microscopic fungi. They are ubiquitous: they can grow on any materials and in any condition. Mold appears not only on the surface of objects but also penetrates the threads of the mycelium inside them, so it will not always be easy to get rid of it.

Most often, mold you can face in an apartment is of the following types:

  • White mold loves flowerpots, wood, bread, and other foods.
  • Green mold prefers food.
  • Blue. It appears on wooden surfaces, giving them a blue hue. It may affect furniture, parquet, or window frames.
  • Black mold. The most vicious type of fungus thrives everywhere, from paper wallpaper in the bedroom to tile in the bathroom.

Why does mold appear?

Mold begins to multiply when it gets into a suitable environment:

  • Humidity. The ideal level for humidity is 60-80%.
  • Temperature. Mold survives at both low and high temperatures. The most favorable interval is from 40°F to 70°F.
  • Ventilation. Closed windows, piles of furniture, and scattered things - it is difficult for the air to circulate in the room. It becomes more accessible for the fungus to multiply.

How can you understand that mold has already appeared? Our Arlington, TX specialists in mold removal have expertise and experience that state: first, you can detect mold by sharp, damp, and specific odor. In the future, the fungus gives itself out with the corresponding plaque spots.

Why do you need to call a mold remediation company to get rid of mold?

Unfortunately, many do not realize the extent of the harm that mold can cause, believing that it spoils only the aesthetic appearance of the room. It is fundamentally wrong - mold is hazardous for building materials and, most importantly, human health. Inhalation of spores can be dangerous to health. Therefore, if you touch or approach the mold, you can inhale the fungus spores into the lungs.

Professionals take safety precautions with mold removal:

  • Professionals will ask you to leave the room during processing and they will even put on personal protective equipment. Before processing the room, they will wear special glasses, gloves, a respirator, and a protective suit.
  • When working with affected objects, they will be cautious not to spread mold spores throughout the house.
  • To destroy the mold fungi that have already appeared from the surfaces, they use various disinfectants suitable for your conditions and the existing mold. All these tools have a set of documents, including approved instructions for use, certificates, and a safety declaration.

When carrying out professional treatment, you will need to leave the house, after it - to ventilate. You can stay indoors after the treated surfaces have completely dried. The technician will give you specific instructions.

Indoor Mold Endangers Your Health

The experts from our mold removal team are constantly alerting customers in Arlington that mold adapts to many conditions. It grows much deeper than visible surfaces, and simple cleaning will not be enough. That is why it is necessary to understand why mold appeared on the walls. In almost all cases, it is because there is excess moisture indoors feeding the mold, and this will need to be eliminated.

In addition to aesthetic inconveniences and damage to things, it can be dangerous to health: fungal spores are so tiny that they easily enter the body through the lungs when inhaled and then produce toxins. As a result, a person and even an animal can develop asthma or pneumonia.

Mold Remediation is the Solution

If you want to preserve your health and your loved ones, be sure to call the Hippo Carpet Cleaning Arlington specialists as soon as you feel the smell of dampness in the bathroom, kitchen, or basement, or see any spots of mold on the wall or the joint between the tiles. Hurry up and make a call! They will save you from mold in a day!

Worried about getting service fast? Worry no longer. We've work together with FDP Mold Remediation for mold remediation services, making sure that you'll never need to wait for long. Their team is experienced and certified, for worry-free mold removal and treatment.



What's the average cost of mold removal?

The average cost of mold removal is not necessarily representative, as the price of this service can vary vastly depending on what needs to be done. Please, note that the variations in the price may be influenced by the condition your house is in and the treatment options you choose.

Is it true that mold causes health issues?

Yes, it does. That explains why it is highly recommended to remove mold as soon as possible because prolonged exposure may lead to serious health issues like asthma, allergies, and even cancer.

What to do if you spot mold in your house?

If you spot any signs of mold, you should call professionals. They will find a solution to your problem and handle the dangerous spores in your house.

3 facts about removing mold

  • It may take several days to completely remove mold from your property.
  • Mold removal is a big job that requires hiring professionals.
  • You should clean all surfaces and dry the whole house to prevent mold in your house.
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