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Carpet Cleaning


Carpets are such beautiful additions to any room. The color can change the entire look of a room. But never when the carpet or rug is dirty, it could make your room look dull.

Do you live in Arlington, Texas? Have your carpets been gathering dirt and debris without any lasting solution in sight? Vacuuming alone can never do the trick.

You need the help of a professional carpet cleaner who is experienced and knows how to remove even the toughest of stains. But, where can you find such carpet cleaning in Arlington, Texas?

You might have used some carpet cleaning solutions in the past, and all you met with was disappointment. It is time for you to see what using a genuinely professional and diligent carpet cleaning service can do for your carpets.

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Arlington is the answer to all your carpet cleaning and sanitizing troubles!

We have all the qualities of your ideal carpet cleaning service. Your carpets will look much better after our technicians work on them.

We are simply the best at what we do!

But, don't take us only at our word. We will like to prove to you why you should choose us for all your cleaning problems in Arlington.

Never use a business without knowing how they plan to fulfill their promises to you. We know what makes us the best, and we would love to show it to you.

Why We Are The Best at Carpet Cleaning Services

Maybe you have never heard of Hippo Carpet Cleaning Arlington, Texas, but we are the best at what we do.

What makes us the best? It is a combination of the qualities that we have.

  • Licensed Business

    Our professional carpet cleaning business is licensed, so you have no reason to worry. We are certified and committed to giving the best at our work. You can't beat our organization and structure anywhere.

  • Registered and Experienced Technicians

    It's never only about having the proper structure. You need the right people doing the job in that structure. We have taken care of that side of the business. All our technicians are registered and experienced carpet cleaners. You can always expect the best service any time of the day.

  • Eco-friendly Cleaning

    You don't want to clean your carpets and fall sick after that. At Hippo, we only use eco-friendly methods and products. It is a win-win deal. Your carpets would look sparkling clean, and you'll be preserving Mother Earth.

  • Available 7 Days a Week

    A clean carpet can be an emergency, and we understand this at Hippo Carpet Cleaning. We understand wanting to step into a fresh, clean carpet the following day, and that's why we provide carpet cleaning services all week, including weekends.

    Just put a call through, and we will be with you in minutes!

  • Pre-Cleaning Check

    The mistake most carpet cleaning services make is using one method to clean all the different carpets and rugs. We can never make that mistake. Before we start any cleaning, we do a pre-check. It helps us know the kind of cleaning that's suitable for your carpet type.

    With this pre-cleaning check in place, your carpets won't wear or wash out during cleaning. Enjoy clean carpets all through their lifespan with appropriate cleaning!

  • Easy Scheduling

    Scheduling an appointment with us is as easy as ABC.

    A - CALL US ON 817-422-5152!

    B - Talk to Our Customer Representative

    C - Fix a Date for your cleaning!

You see, it is pretty straightforward. Take the first step. Put a call through to us today!

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

We already mentioned that we use different carpet cleaning methods. You might be a little curious as to the cleaning method we use. We only use the best method suitable for your carpet.

Our best carpet cleaning methods include:

  • Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Disinfecting and Deodorizing

Our experienced technicians know how to use each of these methods to make your carpets shiny and clean.

What Next?

Are you searching for professional carpet cleaning near me? Call us today, and a customer representative will attend to you.

We also provide a price estimate. Depending on your carpet type and the method used, we provide you with an unbeatable carpet cleaning in Arlington.

Call us on 817-422-5152 now!

Take action today. Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine!
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